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Qiannan  Ethnic Vocational Technical  College(QNPN) is a comprehensive full-time public polytechnic. With its over 10000 registered students and 400 staff, QNPN has around 200 full-time Teachers and 150 part-time teachers. Among them, there are around 60 professors(including associate professors) and 70 double-qualified teachers.
      We have more than 30 majors, QNPN offers secondary and advanced vocational education. The average rate of employment is over 93% and part of the graduates have been the technical or administrative core.
      There are 5 departments and a training center in QNPN. Moreover, the 25th National Occupation kills Appraisal Institution,the Computer Information High-tech Testing Station and the National Occupation? Qualification unified Identification Unit are aslo included in this college.
      In order to let the students acquire“multi-certificates and multi-skills”, QNPN offers plants for Digital Controlling,Metalworking,Machinery and Power-generating and Automation Maintenance; it supplies Biological Comprehensive Laboratory Building , Breeding and Planting Base, Network Technology and Art Designing Operation Center, Accounting Simulation Office and Restaurant Training Room for the Practice Courses.

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