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He Xiuqian, inspector of Education Deputy Department of GuiZhou Province,visit our college!
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21st  September,He Xiuqian, inspector of Education Deputy Department in GuiZhou Province, and Cheng Pei accompanied by Wei Kuai, visit our college to guide work. Party secretary Luo Jun, college head Rao Hui, Wei Yongge, and Jin Yan introduce all the way.

He Xiuqian inspector and his entourage visited the college new cafeteria, the new student dormitory, a passenger center, Southern complex and watched the new military training 

Along the way, Luo Jun secretary from the college's basic situation, personnel training and positioning, professional layout, social services, foreign exchange and other aspects of He Xiuqian inspectors were introduce


In the kowing floor report at the meeting, Luo Jun Shuji to He Xiuqian inspectors detailed report of our hospital before 2014 to 2017 changes in development, especially through the data before and after the comparison, reflecting the hospital in recent years, the size of students, teachers , School building area, team building and other aspects of the ever-changing outlook


As well as in the optimization of professional settings, national skills competitions, national defense characteristics of education base, building "eight members" qualification, provincial high-quality vocational training into the connotation of the achievements of construction. Luo Shuji said that based on the current shortage of labor, social vocational skills to improve the rapid development of local industry situation ushered in the development of our hospital a good opportunity to hope that the provincial education department leaders can continue to give support.

He Xiuqian inspectors on the college from top to bottom after the catch-up, striving for first-class spirit expressed appreciation for our school in school investment, infrastructure construction, school conditions and other aspects of the remarkable achievements made fully affirmed that the school level significantly improved , School behavior more standardized, school characteristics gradually formed, further enhance the construction of teachers, gratifying.

He further suggested that the college in the development to highlight the characteristics, to speed up the project declaration, for the central and provincial support. At the same time hope that our hospital make persistent efforts to continue to play after the spirit of catching up, so that the cause of the next stage, another success.


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