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Finance Department Students Got a Good Award
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To widely publicize the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Congress of the Eighteenth , the Fifth Plenary Congress of the Eleventh and the Law of the People's Republic of China Constitution, the Students' Affairs Department and the Ideological and Political Affairs Department co-sponsored the Knowledge Contest named “Carry Forward the Constitutional Spirit and Construct the Rule of Law in China” in the Lecture Hall of Southern District on July 2th. The purpose of it was that comprehensively promote governing the country by lawgoverning the teaching by law and managing the university according to the law. Furthermore, it advocated learning, understanding, using, obeying, propagandizing law and accelerating the pace of the Law Construction.

 There were 5 teams from 5 departments in this competition and there were 3 teamers in a team. The competition content included Individual Necessary Question, Competition Question, Team Necessary Question and Risky Question. During the process, all the contestants had made full preparation and answered enthusiastically. Especially in the Risky Question link, the atmosphere reached its peak.

 After fierce competition, the Finance Department got the Second Award finally. The competition not only enriched the cultural life of the campus, but also enhanced the efficiency of Legal Literacy
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