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2015th Graduates Farewell Party Held byAdministrative Department
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All the teachers and students of Administrative Department gathered in the Lecture Hall of southern district to celebrate the 2015th Graduates Farewell Party on June 16th night. The Deputy Secretary, Zhang Yuan, the Students Director, Shi Qianyun, the Deputy Secretary of the Communist Youth League, Shen Hua, the Director of Administrative Department, Zhang Jun and all of the students attended the party.

   In the party, the stage play “Childhood” and “Opening Gardenia” ,the dance “Bad Angel” and “Flying to Miao and Dong Village” reflected the students’ colorful campus life; the chorus “Farewell” and sign language “Do not cry, Friends” as well as solo “Do not say Goodbye” conveyed the students’ reluctant feelings to graduate. At last, the solo “Ordinary Way” expressed the post-graduates’ best wishes to all the graduates. The party organizers also invited students from Guizhou Normal University, Guizhou University for Nationalities and other associations to perform on the stage, which made the party more exciting and colorful.

  The entire party ended in a harmonious and warm atmosphere. In the end, Zhang Yuan, the Deputy Secretary posed for pictures with the entire cast on the stage.
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