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Zhang Yong’e Won the First Prizein the Provincial Anti-drug Knowledge Contest
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Recently, the Computer Science Department came the good news: Zhang Yong’e, the student majored in Social Work, 2014 , on behalf of the Qiannan Prefecture, went to Guiyang to attend the “Provincial Anti-drug Knowledge Contest Final” and won the first prize on June 20th .

As a team member, on behalf of our college, Zhang Yong’e had attended Qiannan Anti-drug Knowledge Contest and won the third prize on April 27th . Since the arena outstanding performance, she was elected as one of the team members, on behalf of the Qiannan Prefecture, to participate in the Provincial Anti-drug Knowledge Contest. She had also won the first prize in Guizhou Province Division Game in Zunyi, on May 28th .

The success of Zhang Yong’e in the Province Finals, once again highlighted the achievements of Legal Education in our college. It reflected the students’ accomplishment of good learning, understanding , using, complying, as well as publicizing of law. Because of her  excellent performance in the contest, Zhang Yong’e was hired as a Distinguished Volunteer (Publicity Teacher) in Guizhou Province UNODC, and was awarded a statewide “Advanced Individual of Anti-drug Preventive Education Work” by “Qiannan Narcotics Control Commission”.

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