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Three Strictness, Three Reality” Counseling Learning Lecture Held in Our College
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On the afternoon of June 26th , Li Maoguo, the member of standing committee of the Prefecture Committee and the Deputy Governor of the People's Government of Qiannan Prefecture, came to our college and gave a counseling learning lecture named “Three Strictness, Three Reality” for all the Party members. The Deputy Secretary and President of our college, Rao Hui, presided over the lecture. Nearly 150 College Party Cadres and teachers attended the lecture.

 As an education expert who had engaged in Higher Education Policy Research and Higher Education Work, Li Maoguo brought a vivid lecture  to our college. The theme of the lecture was practicing “Three Strictness, Three Reality” and promoting comprehensive Vocational Education Reform. The purpose of it was promoting the reform and development of Qiannan Vocational Education and caring about the development of our college.

 The lecture systematically expounded the basic connotation of “Three Strictness, Three Reality” and the rule of Vocational Education. It emphasized the “Strictness” contained not only the belief in Marxism and  the pursuit of Chinese Characteristic Socialism Common Ideal, but also the essence of Academic Education and the learning requirements to be a paragon of virtue. It emphasized “Reality” not only embodied the ideological line of testing truth and developing truth in practice, but also embodied the spirit of seeking truth from facts in the practice of education. “Strictness” and “Reality” not only reflected the Party's political character, but also contained the important principles of college development. Li Maoguo made exact interpretation about the learning essence on the basis of combination of the actual development of Qiannan Prefecture and our college. He pointed out, grasping the development of Occupation Education Services was the fundamental way for Qiannan Occupation Education; He encouraged to deepen the Reform of Institutional Mechanisms, innovative all levels of various types of Occupation Education Mode, adhere to the integration of production and education, adhere to the campus cooperation and build the Occupation Education System in Qiannan Prefecture; He suggested high integration of improving Occupation Skills and cultivating Occupation Spirit; He hoped to develop the Occupation Education depended on the ways of reform, attract the social forces to participate in and form the diversified pattern of Occupation Education Development; He called for promoting the Industrial Development of Qiannan Occupation Education which focused on the City Development Strategy.

In the lecture, the Deputy Governor, Li Maoguo, patiently answered all the questions which referred to Vocational Education Policy, Qiannan Vocational Development, Profession Construction, Teachers  Construction and Curriculum Construction.

On behalf of the College Party Committee, the Deputy Secretary and President, Rao Hui, gave a high evaluation on the lecture and expressed sincere gratitude to the concern and support from the Prefecture Government.

The President, Rao Hui, stressed: As the member of the teaching and administrative staff, as the main body of Qiannan Vocational Education implementation, we should put forward “Three Strictness, Three Reality”; unite around the Party Committee of our college under the leadership of the Prefecture Committee and Government; face the opportunities and challenges of the Vocational Education; unite as one, condense force, support the reform and development of our college and dare to take responsibility of Qiannan Vocational Education Revitalization. With the care and support of the Prefecture Government and efforts of all the staff, the tomorrow of Qiannan Polytechnic for Nationalities would be better.

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